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En Vivify Educational Solutions, creemos que, si bien no todos los niños aprenden de la misma manera o al mismo ritmo, todos los niños pueden aprender . Vivify Educational Solutions se creó para ofrecer a las familias soluciones de tutoría privada que se adapten a las necesidades de aprendizaje individuales de sus hijos. También entendemos las dificultades que enfrentan los proveedores educativos públicos y privados cuando se les presentan las necesidades académicas únicas de sus estudiantes. Vivify Educational Solutions se compromete a apoyar el éxito de los estudiantes al proporcionar entrenamiento académico individualizado y de alta calidad a través de técnicas atractivas y centradas en el estudiante que benefician a todo el niño.

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Client Testimonials

“ Very happy with services provided and progress made. One idea would be to share samples of what you worked on during sessions (books that you read, worksheets, etc) so it could've reinforced at home.”

-9th Grade Parent

“ I just wanted to thank you so much for what you are doing for my son. I really appreciate it and he is so comfortable with you which I'm so excited about because to be honest before he met with you he was not wanting to do this. I explained to him to give it a chance and it is to help you. He was just nervous but he is fine now, thanks again!!!”

-2nd Grade Parent

"This is year two for my daughter. Vivify displays a passion in helping her excel in school. She enjoys the tutoring sessions and grades have improved.”

- 8th Grade Parent

"I've seen a BIG change in my son since starting with Vivify Edu. His grades and confidence have improved tremendously.”

- 8th Grade Parent

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